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State and Local Support for Hall of Change


CT Hall of Change Great 8 members Kevin Morse, LaResse Harvey and April Barron met with the newest recruit class of CT Corrections Officers to exchange humanities and respect for all, both in uniform and those on lock. The interaction between all parties was amazing and positive.

The Hall of Change Committee with Great 8 inductees

April Barron with HOC jacket

Justice Lubbie Harper Jr. gave a very inspirational speech about what resilience is and spoke to the challenges and obstacles The Great 8 overcame to be inducted into the HOC

Stan Simpson, formerly of Fox News 61, and Jocelyn Maminta, formerly of WTNH New 8, shared the Co-Hosting duties for the 2021 Induction Ceremony

Kevin Morse and his family at the HOC Induction Ceremony

Morgan Bengal delivered a heartfelt speech congratulating the 2021 Great 8 and explaining the significance of their names etched in a CT museum forever

The Great 8 ladies

LaResse and Tihebas telling the story of how they first met

Daryl at the 2021 unveiling of the class of 2021

Kelvin and Robbin at the ceremony

Daryl's speech was a scene from the hit stage production "Great 8 Journey" at the Legacy Theater in Branford, CT starring Daryl McGraw, Kelvin Young, Tiheba Bain and LaResse Harvey

Daryl and Maggie at the induction ceremony

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